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EMS Foot Massager

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Struggling with swollen legs, numbing foot pain, and stiff and sore joints?

It's time to say goodbye to foot pain. EMS Foot Massager will alleviate and prevent swollen ankles, stiffness, or soreness of your feet in just 15 minutes.

 Relieve pain & soreness

 Reduces swelling & varicose

 Silent and Easy to clean

Healthier legs after just 15 minutes of use per day

This Revolutionary massager, deeply stimulates foot and leg muscles through low-frequency electrical pulse, target trigger points and alleviates tension at the source

✔ Relieves muscle plantar Fasciitis and inflammation.
✔ Extremely effective solution for high blood pressure
✔ Relieves leg swelling , improves the blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage
​✔ 96.6% of Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

Swollen feet can often lead to further Foot Pain

If swollen feet are not treated correctly, they can lead into foot concerns. Some common concerns that result from untreated swollen feet are: Difficulty walking, decreased blood circulation & even heart or renal failure.

This New Technology is treating Plantar Fasciitis 91% More Effectively

Shockwave Stimulation Massage works by hitting specific trigger points on the foot sole, which don't get enough blood flow and are responsible for plantar fasciitis. This way it achieves high-blood circulation in those areas and as a result it slowly activates your feet again and gets rid of pain & plantar fasciitis. If you sit long hours for every day, this method will provide you with complete relief.

The Shockwave Stimulation Massage method:

  • Stimulates specific trigger points
  • Improves blood circulation in those areas
  • Strengthens lower leg muscles
  • Gets rid of Pain & Plantar Fasciitis
  • Slowly activates your feet again 

How To Use

After a long day of hard work or even simply wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes, just 15 minutes per day relaxes your feet, helps you maintain healthy blood circulation in your legs, provides fast-acting relief from swollen legs and feet, and eases tired, aching feet.

Enjoy a better quality of life

We know just how foot pain, stiff and swollen ankles, and other ailments can wreak havoc on your life. Everyday activities are a reminder of the pain you are feeling.

Today, you have the ability to make a change. By relieving your foot pain, the Foot Massager creates the secondary benefits of:

✔ Elevation in mood
✔ Improved focus at work
✔ Standing on your own two feet again
✔ Walking and standing free of pain
✔ You will finally get back to living your life pain-free