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Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Change your sitting posture with our wooden ergonomic kneeling chair for a healthier life. This work of art helps you to sit in appropriate positions without exerting much mental effort. It's the ideal balance between beauty and practicality.

  • Healthy Ergonomic Design.
  • Prevents Neck & Back Problems.
  • Improves Circulation And Oxygen Levels.

Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Home Office Posture Desk Chair

Work with comfort and improve your posture at the same time by replacing your office chair with our premium kneeling chair. With its unique design, the ergonomic kneeling chair supports both your knees and buttocks.

By sitting on the kneeling office chair, you're back is forced to be straight while you work. This kneeling desk chair helps prevent back aches and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. Made with high-quality birchwood, the kneeling stool looks absolutely stunning in any style of home.

Best out of all, the ergonomic kneeling chair is sturdy enough to carry persons up to 330 lbs in weight. Make working at home or in the offices so much more comfortable by sitting on our amazing kneeling office chair.

Kneeling Desk Chair Features:

Level up your work experience and posture by replacing your chairs with our sturdy kneeling stool.

  • Enjoy a comfy sitting experience
  • Improves your sitting posture
  • Fitted with soft knee and seat padding
  • Promotes better work focus
  • Lessens pains and fatigue
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Simple and modern design
  • Wide seating cushion
  • Heavy-duty wooden frame
  • Up to 330 lbs load capacity

    Kneeling Chair Specification: 

    • Material: Natural Wood + Foam + Lint
    • Craft: Bentwood
    • Load Capacity: 100-150 kg/ 220-330 lbs
    • Cushion Thickness: 2"/ 5 cm
    • Hip Cushion Size: 16 x 12"/ 30.5-40.6 cm
    • Knee Cushion Size: 5 x 10"/ 12.7-25.4 cm